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Supermarket TV: YouTube and the Global Shopping Experience

Hey! we've been scouring YouTube for interesting supermarket and/or shopping videos. Here we go. Some of them have explanations here; others do not.


Shopping Cart 01:50
Part of the original Supermarket Showcase: A Journey Into the American Food Shopping Experience video.

Crazy Carrefour 00:37
A humorous narration at a Chinese Carrefour. “French Wal-Mart” as the camera operator/narrator calls it, is just about right, but probably the more accurate way to describe Carrefour in relation to Wal-Mart is to call it the “precursor to the somewhat smaller Wal-Mart Supercenter”.

Outing to Carrefour at Maadi City Centre 01:28
Cairo, Egypt
One word: huge.

Roller Carrefour 01:31
Gives impression of experimental sound and art video.

Roller Coaster Shopping 00:43
Disney-style track car shopping cart in Shenyang, China. Worthy of further research. Harks back to Clarence Saunders' wildly imaginative Piggly Wiggly, Keedoozle, and Foodelectric.

Przywitai Darka 03:37
Electric eye door as showcased by merry group of pranksters in Poland.

Cool Shopping Cart Escalator at Whole Foods 00:58
File in the ategory of elecric eye door, nested shopping cart. Things that save space and/or make carrying a large volume of groceries easier.

Stolling [sic] the aisles of Whole Foods Market 04:38
Dallas, Texas
A view from the front of a shopping cart in Whole Foods Market. Briefly narrated at the beginning by a (former?) marketing person from Whole Foods. At first it may appear to be an ironic piece about excess (carrots piled high accompanied by art gallery track lighting), but the peppy music hints that there is little irony on display here. This assumption is confirmed in other videos posted on this user’s YouTube page where he is shown giving a talk about branding (he also worked for Starbucks). Both Whole Foods and Starbucks have been criticized for their high profit margins and little trickle back to the farmers that produce the goods. With the current weak dollar and high cost of oil and many foods, along with an ever-increasing focus on “organic” and “healthy” foods, it is interesting to see how the “health food” supermarket reacts and adapts.

Jackson and Ava Shopping at Whole Foods Market 00:33
Somewhere in the U.S.
Socialization of kids in the supermarket. Is it cute? Terrifying? Perhaps a little bit of both. While clearly the act of shopping is an important aspect of children’s socialization- and in fact most of us would think that it is responsible as parents to include children in this activity- the sight of small children with shopping carts may force us to reflect on what the future holds for the globe. With the spread of the supermarket and hypermarket- and the consumption that comes with it- across the globe, it is reasonable to wonder if the current path is sustainable or what friction/s may come about as a result.

And much much more!

Note: As is the nature of YouTube, some of these videos may at some point disappear. We'll update accordingly, but if you see a description of a video that's not here, just do your best to imagine what it could have looked and sounded like.
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