Internet Resources for ESOL Students

For now check out these links to ESOL/ESL web sites. More coming soon!

Language Sites

Dave's ESL Cafe: check out the quizzes and idioms
Interesting Things for ESL Students: hangman goes to new heights!
Activities for ESL Students: includes bilingual quizzes!
Schutz and Kanomata: from Santa Cruz in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil!
Heinle: Huge publisher; link to lots of ESL resources and exercises!
Longman: another big publisher!

Internet Research

Google: of course!
Your Dictionary: not mine, yours!
Wikipedia: remember, this is open source and not valid for academic research, but it is thorough and amazingly accurate nevertheless!
How Stuff Works: find out!
Snopes: urban legends: affirmed or debunked!
About: about...!
CIA World Factbook: of course it's the CIA, but lots of information about the world's countries here!
IMDB: Internet Movie Database: all the information about movies, directors, actors, etc.

Downloads and Other Resources

The Beaver Times: home!