Hey! Nobody participated in the band-naming contest ("go underground to see more animals" is the "winning entry" if you're keeping track) so we decided to keep the contest going anyway. With such cool prizes, who can resist?

So, now the contest is to come up with a good contest idea!

Simply e-mail us with your suggestion/s or visit our guestbook. Get your friends to participate too! Winning entries get to choose from a selection of fabulous prizes.


( ) A private luncheon with us and Miami TV personalities (including but not limited to) ĎStar Hustlerí Jack Horkheimer, Roshniís Salimah Jetha Karim, and Sabado Gigante's 'Don Francisco'.

( ) Your own Krispy Kreme franchise.

( ) A cameo role in upcoming feature Casa Malassombrada 2.

Remember- all entrants get kisses and stickers! And thatís no joke!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for submissions lost in the mail. You are! Prizes subject to change at any moment. We reserve the right to alter the rules of this contest at any time. Krispy Kreme franchise will require additional financial input from contest winner and approval from their corporate office in Winston-Salem. The Beaver Times is in no way associated with Krispy Kreme. Several Miami TV personalities will be invited to the winner's party, but are extremely unlikely to attend. Contestants hold The Beaver Times, mik.musik.!., and everybody else, like, not responsible for any bad things that happen because of this contest. Prizes cannot be exchanged for money, drugs, or sex (in most cases). Side effects are rare and include drowsiness, hives, sudden feelings of isolation, diarrhea, and dry mouth. Donít get frisky!

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sabado gigante: practice your commercial jingles en espanol!
jack horkheimer: star gazer: he's not hustling anymore, but keep looking up anyway!
krispy kreme: hot doughnuts now!