music links

the beaver times music center: slightly out of date but more soon...
mik.musik.!.: .!.
go underground to see more animals!: do it!
arnaldo antunes: paradeiro!
luaka bop: find susana baca here!
ryuichi sakamoto: read his diary (if you can find it!)
cafe tacuba: !mira!
subtropics: subtropics 18 finished!
marisa monte: check tribalistas e mais!
tom ze: settle in to be unsettled!
caetano veloso: eu sou a filha da chiquita bacana!
mouse on mars: click to play!
elegua records: get spammed (or land on io)!
stereolab: listen in!
bjork: gudmondsdottir!
arnaldo antunes: fan site do arnaldo(tambem em portugues)!
outkast: so fresh and so clean!
lil' kim: watch the sprite can disappear in her mouth!
nelly furtado: she's like a promiscuous bird!
gustavo matamoros: music on a budget!
usonia: where's the muffin dragon?
the complainer: and colorful friends!


jack horkheimer: star gazer: he's not hustling anymore, but keep looking up!
wlrn site (miami): put some dhanak in your life! p.s. ask 'em what happened to roshni!
npr news : it IS better, cristy!
bollywood world: hindi picture overload!
star wars: rumors and more!
sabado gigante: put some don francisco in your life!
wim wenders: the state of things!
hayao miyazaki: meet my neighbor totoro!
ozu: ozu!
central station: central do brasil!
internet movie database: if it's not here it's there!


dave's esl cafe : learn more english!
tigertail productions : includes info on arnaldo antunes, susana yamauchi; plus upcoming festival!
piggly wiggly: world's first self-service supermarket!
trip magazine (brazil): not to be confused with 'trip magazeen'...
tokion : read more magazines!
molr atlas: find your way around molr land!
masaru kuwae: a beaver times classic!
amtrak: plan a trip!
greyhound: if the train doesn't work out!
augusto de campos: concrete poetry rules!
folha de sao paulo: read more newspapers!
miami herald: say hi to carl hiaasen!
miami new times: argue with their 'best of miami' list, if you want!
cheerwine: smuggle it out of north carolina!
snopes: urban legends affirmed or debunked!